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Welcome to Jeannette Blanton Insurance Agency / A Higginbotham Co.

We are a full service insurance agency who offers creative approaches for insuring your business, and we strive to be sure you have the best possible coverages with the best possible price on the market today.

Since 1984, Jeanette Blanton Insurance Agency has grown to become well-recognized; particularly to the construction industry.  After 20 years, our hard work pays off in 2004 when the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) endorses Jeannette Blanton as their exclusive agent due to our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry.  No other insurance agency has ever been endorsed by APSP for as long as ours.  With personnel serving on the board of various APSP chapters along with participating in industry related activities, we stay informed about what is going on in this ever-so-changing industry.  

Since 2004, the APSP endorsed program continues to grow and thrive as we provide pool and spa professionals with a one-stop-shop for their business’ insurance needs.  We are an agency that works with the best insurance companies for the pool and spa industry. This industry is truly a passion of ours that our clients value and respect.  But don’t take our word for it; click here to see what your peers have to say about us! 

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