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Just because Texas does not require you to carry WC, does not mean you aren't BUCK NAKED!

Workman's Comp Facts


Employers who choose not to carry WC coverage are called nonsubscribers.  Nonsubscribers bear complete financial responsibility for an employee’s injury or death.  As a nonsubscriber, you are not allowed to use any of the 3 common law defenses in a court of law:

  1. Worker’s own negligence caused injury
  2. Negligence of a fellow employee cased injury
  3. Worker had knowledge of the danger but accepted it
  • The total amount you could be responsible for is unlimited…in short, going without WC could cost you your business and then some!
  • If you are an employer in Texas with only one employee and you do NOT carry WC, you are REQUIRED to file form DWC005 with the Texas Department of Insurance AND must post notice to your employee that you do not carry WC insurance, EVERY YEAR.
  • If you are an employer in Texas with 5 or more employees and you do NOT carry WC, you must report to the Texas Department of Insurance any work related injury or illness.
  • If an employer does NOT report his status and/or notify his employees of his non-coverage status, he is subject to fines and penalties.
  • OSHA logs MUST be kept by ALL employers or you are subject to fines and penalties.
  • You can report your worker’s comp status online at
  • Click on ‘Employer Online Filings’
Alternative Policies (Occupational Accident):
  • These are used as a substitute for WC and often leave large gaps in coverage, limit benefits, and exclude coverage for some illnesses, diseases and accidents.
  • WC policies continue to pay costs of medical and income benefits for all claims, while alternative accident policies stop after exhausting the policy limits and benefits.
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